A Taxi Service Geared for Today’s Tech

A Taxi Service Geared for Today’s Tech

Technology today has redefined many customer services all across the world. For instance, casual driving services have made it hard for traditional taxi companies to compete in the tech-minded market. People are thrilled with the convenience and excitement of using their mobile device to book a ride however they are mistaking the fun of app engagement with the convenience of booking a reliable taxi.

The Shortfalls of Casual Driving Services

Drivers and their Availability
Those who sign up to work as a casual driver tend to do so only part time to earn a little extra cash on the side of their full time job, which is reflected in their level of professionalism. The employees at GM Cabs have chosen to drive professionally as a career, they wear a uniform and provide the high level of service you would expect as a paying customer.

The casual drivers are unprofessional and inexperienced in providing a service of driving for other people, putting you at risk. The drivers aren’t always readily available as they work at their own discretion, unlike a taxi service where there is a constant work staff. And if there is a high volume of drivers compared to passengers, you are likely to be exposed to disgruntled un-professional drivers struggling to make their wage.

Lack of Interaction
Unlike taxi services, casual drivers don’t share the added benefit of communication with fellow employees. If there is an accident or construction taking place on your route, there is no resource relaying information to the driver to avoid such inconveniences.

Horrible Driver Screening and Zero Accountability
The casual driving industry has a long and storied history of neglectful practices. Whether they are in the right or wrong, they have cleverly designed a system where they cannot be held accountable for their drivers, or passenger safety – which is risky for you.

Unexpected Surge Pricing

If the list is not bad enough already, these casual driving services have a pretty nasty surge pricing system that you can’t avoid which has been catching a lot of people off guard recently with fares being two, three and up to five times the original fare! This is debited straight from the customer’s bank and as you agreed to the ride through their App, it is rarely refunded or resolved.

Tech’d Up Traditional Taxi Service

Fortunately the professional taxi industry can take advantage of the technology driven market too and GM Cabs have done just that! MyRide is GM Cabs mobile App which enables you to book a taxi online services conveniently and quickly- and you get the reassurance that you are booking a professional and safe service. Our App is a “one stop shop,” not only is there no booking fees, there is also no surge in pricing for busier periods and you can nominate the price you want to pay for your journey.

As a driver you can rely on our bank-approved EFTPOS mobile terminal systems, competitive radio fees, and vehicle financing, fit-outs, insurance and greenslips. On top of all these benefits, drivers can utilise mobile app services to better connect and serve their clients.