George Mikhael, founder and owner of GM Cabs has been in the taxi industry for over 20 years, and has established and built the GM Cabs brand with a strong foundation, after starting as a taxi driver himself, to now being a dominant figure in the taxi industry.

Established in 1996, GM Cabs has operated successfully for over 15 years and currently operates in many locations across Australia, including sites in New South Wales, Victoria, Adelaide, Perth, South Australia and Tasmania. GM Cabs has built a reputable business which caters for the needs of both taxi drivers and their passengers.


For taxi drivers, GM Cabs thrives on the notion to be a one stop shop supplying taxi drivers across Australia with all their needs at the highest standard. At GM Cabs we offer a range of taxi driver services which includes: docket exchange, good quality fast-food, refueling stations, carwash facilities and most importantly a mobile bank approved EFTPOS terminal system which rewards drivers for their hard work. This EFTPOS solution also comes with the GM Cabs VISA Drivers Card, which allows for payments to be made daily without the hassle of cash stops. Our terminal accepts all cheque, savings and credit cards.

For the passengers, whether be for corporate or personal travel, GM Cabs also works to ensure their interests are maintained. Our EFTPOS machines in taxis are bank approved terminals which makes swiping a card in a taxi with a GM EFTPOS machine safe and secure. If for any reason a passenger believes they have been charged incorrectly, our staff will ensure all disputed transactions are handled and investigated professionally and consequently refunded if necessary.


Unlike our competitors, our locations give us first hand access to the taxi market, allowing us to know what drivers need, when they need it. We have sites in over 20 locations across Australia, which ensures we are always nearby for any taxi driver.

We know taxi drivers are time oriented so we ensure we meet all their needs in the one location, all while waiting for the next job. At our main Sydney and Melbourne airport locations, drivers can leave their car and have access to the following products and services:

  • Exchange docket vouchers for cash
  • Acquire our EFTPOS Solution from the GM Cabs office
  • Relax in our sitting areas, equipped with television facilities and flight scheduling board
  • Café food with a wide variety of flavors from across the world at competitive prices
  • Discounted fuel available to GM Cabs EFTPOS holders
  • Discounts on GM Cabs Taxi Stationary
  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • Fast and Friendly customer service
  • Car Washing Facilities
  • Clean and Safe environment
  • Prayer Room Facilities
  • Amenities