London Rides have now become London Taxis!

London Rides have now become London Taxis!

Gm cabs have partnered with London Rides which have now become London Taxis! Just another great example of the industry push to create better experience for customers.

As of this week there will be over 40 London Taxis in Sydney and the public are loving them. They work as taxis and we have numerous private bookings for wedding and events.

The provide a different service from the normal taxi and work in concert with all our other drivers and cabs. They have caused a bit of a stir but don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are interested.

There is a full time base in Arncliffe and we are always looking for full time or part time drivers. Drivers wear a very distinctive uniform and have loved the interaction with customers. Another great leg up for the industry.

London Taxis can only be booked via the Rydo App, and you can read all about them on their new website

Why GM Cabs are the best partners you could have

Why GM Cabs are the best partners you could have

When you drive with us, you drive with us – you don’t drive for us. We treat you as a partner in a business. We want to see you grow and become successful and we do as much as we can to make that happen.

We know taxi drivers are time oriented so we ensure we meet all their needs in the one location, all while waiting for the next job. At our main Sydney and Melbourne airport locations, drivers can leave their car and have access to the following products and services:

  • Exchange docket vouchers for cash
  • Acquire our EFTPOS solution from the GM Cabs office
  • Relax in our sitting areas, equipped with television facilities and flight scheduling board
  • Café food with a wide variety of flavours from across the world at competitive prices
  • Discounted fuel available to GM Cabs EFTPOS holders
  • Discounts on GM Cabs taxi stationary
  • Automatic teller machine
  • Fast and friendly customer service
  • Car washing facilities
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Prayer room facilities
  • Amenities

Not only is GM Cabs is the newest fleet of taxi in the Sydney market, but we also have the most competitive radio fees.

We’re an organisation that prides itself on developing close working relationships with our drivers, providing you with assistance such as financing your vehicle, fit-out, insurance and greenslips to make your life easier and your journey as a GM driver more rewarding.

Enquire today about driving with us.

Contact or ring us on (02) 9667 2028.


Who doesn’t like a bit of crumpet?

Who doesn’t like a bit of crumpet?

London Rides was created to bring the experience of the age old London cab to Australia. They have the exclusive right to import the London cabs, and are looking to provide another level of service not yet available in Australia.

These purpose built taxis not only give the passenger and driver more security, but they can carry 5 passengers, and have far more room for luggage than a regular passenger vehicle such as a Falcon or Camry. They are also easily wheelchair accessible.

Even more exciting is the fact that GM Cabs have partnered with London Rides to manage and operate the taxis to ensure the network is made available and that a high level of service and quality is sustained.

Drivers can get involved in this unique offering by leasing a London taxi from the joint GM/London Rides weekly, or per shift, either day or night, and if they really love the idea they can sign yearly contracts to secure one of these unique cars.

Taxi operators can get involved by bringing their taxi plates to the network and will be able to lease a London Rides taxi at a discounted price.

These luxury vehicles expand the offering of Rydo and will only be available to book via the Rydo app or by calling 131 001.

With 40 London cabs on the road by the end of March, GM Cabs, Rydo and London Rides are looking to shake up the taxi industry and create a great experience for drivers and passengers.

Come join us!


Rydo – Everywhere you (and your passengers) need to be

Rydo – Everywhere you (and your passengers) need to be

Rydo was created to do it right. There are lots of apps out there, some have already failed, some are struggling. The difference with Rydo is that we intimately understand the taxi industry. GM Cabs, our major partner has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows how to take care of drivers.

Rydo is an Australian based technology company bringing the best of technology to the professional taxi and hire car industry. Rydo set out to make a difference and to put the power of technology in passengers hands, but deliver the job to the familiar terminal that the driver already has. No need  for another app on the drivers already busy phone!

We are not just another transport app. We bring the best of the taxi industry; the knowledge, the professionalism, the safety, the network, and couple it with cutting edge technology that saves our clients time and money and gives our drivers jobs and security.

Do I need to be a licensed driver?

Yes, you need to make sure you have a current driver authorisation from Roads and Maritimes. We also require that all of our driver’s have had completed a criminal background check before being able to drive with Rydo.

How does Rydo work?

Rydo allows passengers to book a Taxi or Hire car. We charge standard taxi metre rates, however passengers can request a discount in off peak periods or alternatively offer drivers a Fixed price for the journey.

How do I get paid?

In contrast to other companies we offer 3 payments options;

  • Transfer daily to your bank account
  • Daily payments to a driver’s pre-paid Visa card.
  • 24/7 cash payments at over 20 cashing facilities across Australia.

Can I be paid cash?

Yes, we have 20 cashing facilities across Australia with some offering 24/7 service.

Will I make more money?

If you are a professional driver, then joining Rydo will add extra fares to your day!

Will passengers give me reviews?

Passengers can submit a rating out of 5 stars and submit feedback. We are also proud of our new feature where a passenger can add you as a favorite and you get priority over other drivers if their booking is in your area!

What happens if I get a bad review?

We will be in contact with you and hear your side of the story. We will offer driver training and suggestions on what you can do to get better reviews.

How much does it cost me to use Rydo?

Rydo doesn’t charge commission like other companies. Instead we charge a small job fee between $2 and $5 depending on how big the fare is.

What happens if I can’t find my passenger?

We give you the capability to contact passengers through pre-selected messages and an option for the passenger to call you. If you can’t find the passenger you can select Passenger No show and we will reimburse you for your trouble.

What should I do if a passenger leaves something in the car?

Contact our hotline 131 001 and we will be able to assist you in returning the lost property. Alternatively you can drop off the item at our head office located near Sydney Airport and we can organise to return the property back to the passenger.

How can I contact you?

We offer a 24/7 customer call centre 131 001 or you can contact us via email

The way we travel will always be changing and we will remain fluid in our outlook and our service to ensure that both our drivers and our passengers get the best experience possible