Don’t Get Left Behind…Use GM Cabs for a Fast and Reliable Taxi Service

Don’t Get Left Behind…Use GM Cabs for a Fast and Reliable Taxi Service

For many people a taxi service is a vital method of transport whether it’s for commuting to and from work, meetings, social gatherings or a last minute decision due to running late. We understand the variety of needs of our clients and with professional, safe drivers our mission is to provide a reliable, friendly and enjoyable service every time you book a GM Cab.

Journey Fares and Payment

GM Cabs want to make your journey as easy and relaxed as possible, which is why we conveniently provide an EFTPOS payment method within our cabs. Many people are being caught off guard with extortionate Uber fares at two sometimes three times the normal fare. Travel assured with GM Cabs that there will never be surcharges or hidden costs, if you ever feel you need to query a fare charge we are dedicated to taking customer enquiries, you can query a fare online through our website and the GM Cabs Myride® taxi app.

Reach Your Destination Safely and Hassle-Free

Our professional drivers are dedicated to transporting you safely to your destination via the shortest route. Another recent issue that has come to light through the Uber service is unprofessional drivers with little limited knowledge of the routes and road, increasing the journey time and fare. If you want a service that is fast and accurate, you can rely on GM Cabs to look after you.

Don’t Settle for Inadequate Service

However frequent or infrequent, long or short your trip or whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, all clients deserve a first-rate point-to-point service charged at competitive and affordable tariffs.

With 20 years in the taxi industry and the same number of locations across Australia, GM Cabs is a government regulated taxi firm that has recently expanded its operations to Sydney. We measure ourselves against the most stringent regulatory standards and employ thorough and rigorous background screening checks on all our team members.

To book a cab, or for any queries about our service or prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Booking and paying for a cab ride in Sydney has never been so safe, quick and straightforward!