How Rydo and GM Cabs are changing the face of the Taxi industry.

How Rydo and GM Cabs are changing the face of the Taxi industry.

Rydo- Australia’s taxi app is powered by the GM Cabs payment network, it provides passengers with a seamless way to book a taxi, and drivers a new source of jobs.

Across Australia, taxi’s complete over 200 million trips per year – yes that’s 200,000,000. In 2014 alone the taxi industry carried over 408,000,000 passengers*. Rydo represents the synergy between Australia’s most trusted ride and cutting edge technology allowing consumers and cabbies to connect in ways not yet possible.

Rydo is not just another taxi app

It has taken the best of the taxi industry and leveraged it into technology that is advantageous for drivers and passengers. Passengers can now open the Rydo app on their phone and book a cab immediately, or make a future booking. With the new GM terminals the jobs are delivered directly to the drivers terminal.

Superior Functionality

The application allows passengers to rate their driver, and also select a driver as a favourite so they can always request them. When times are quiet passengers can ask for a fixed fare, or a discount, and when its peak period passengers can add a tip giving drivers added incentive.

Both driver and passenger are identified adding another level of security for both. passengers have the option of paying in the application with a stored credit card, or paying the driver direct. Trips are tracked and invoices emailed directly to the passenger.

Evolution of the service

Rydo is not just looking at working with the market as it stands they introduce new options for transport that will allow our users unique services available across other networks to improve the options for passengers and an ongoing income for drivers.

GM Cabs and Rydo will continually strive to create the best platform for passengers and drivers.