How to Take a Taxi in Sydney Without Getting Ripped Off

How to Take a Taxi in Sydney Without Getting Ripped Off

Getting a cab service anywhere in the world can be tricky. While some would say getting a taxi is fairly easy, there will always be taxi drivers who will try to rip off their customers. This is something that any tourist in Sydney would like to avoid so as not to spoil their visit to the lovely city. Take a look at the tips below to ensure you won’t get scammed:

Get Planned Taxi Booking

Planning a night out on the town? Sydney is beautiful and retains its charm even when the sun is no longer up. With many dining districts and watering holes open at night, visitors will never get bored in the Australian city.

Some would want to spend time at the harbour while others would gaze at the skies at the observatory. But wherever these tourists may go, they usually have the same concern when the night out is over. Taking a stroll in Sydney is always a good idea but for those whose hotels are far from downtown, walking late at night is a terrible idea. This is where a good taxi booking service comes in.

GM Cabs Australia has an app that helps tourists book a cab while in Sydney. The company also has online booking through their website and a telephone number that would-be customers can call.

Beware of Cab Drivers Who Offer Negotiated Rates

If a taxi driver offers discounted rides or negotiated rates, it is a good idea to turn them away. Every city has a pre-set rate and aren’t open for negotiation. This is also potentially dangerous because hawkers are usually not registered.

Make Sure the Meter is Running

If the driver says his meter is broken, get out of the cab. Broken meters can be a ploy for cab drivers to charge more to their customers. This is something that locals and tourists should avoid.

Book a Taxi With GM Cabs Today!

Need a safe ride back to the hotel? Call GM Cabs at 131-0001 to talk to one of their friendly representatives. Customers can also download the app by going to or book right on the website.