Three Reasons Why a Professional Taxi Service is Better Than Ridesharing

Three Reasons Why a Professional Taxi Service is Better Than Ridesharing

When you need to get from point A to point B, few options rival the convenience of a taxi. Taxi cabs are an excellent alternative to driving yourself in congested cities, and they’re far more flexible and accommodating than public transportation. But, it’s no small thing to put your safety, in the hands of a stranger behind the wheel.

There are some critical things to consider when deciding between a professional taxi service and a more casual rideshare program and they all boil down to two essential factors: safety and reliability. Here are three reasons why a taxi service is a clear-cut solution to safe and reliable transportation.

Taxi drivers are professionally trained and experienced

While any average Joe can become a rideshare driver, taxi drivers must go through a rigorous training and certification process for their license. As such, they offer a safer and more dependable service. Professional drivers tend to have more local driving experience too, which means they know the local routes and traffic patterns and can ensure that you will arrive at your destination in a more timely and reliable fashion.

Taxi service pricing is consistent

During peak hours, rideshare programs commonly raise their prices—this is a practice known as surge pricing. With professional taxi companies, pricing is consistent, so you are not penalized because the service is in high demand.

Taxi drivers have commercial liability insurance

Why does this matter to you? Since rideshare drivers usually drive their personal vehicles, they are only covered by regular auto insurance. As a result, passengers of rideshare drivers can be denied coverage for their injuries when accidents occur. However, taxi cabs are company-owned vehicles covered by commercial liability insurance, so in the unlikely event of an accident, any resulting injuries will be covered.

Book a taxi online

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