Welcome to GM Cabs New Blog

Welcome to GM Cabs New Blog

Welcome to GM Cabs New Blog

GM Cabs are a professional, point to point and government regulated taxi firm which you can rely on to safely take you to and from your destination. There is a lot of media attention on unregulated and potentially unsafe transport services, GM Cabs are proud to conform to the existing regulations governing the transport industry offering a professional quality of service at an affordable rate with drivers who are experienced in the industry to provide you with nothing less than the service you expect.

But first things first; who are GM Cabs? We are the latest and upcoming cab Company in Sydney but we are definitely not novices in the industry. For the last 20 years we have been involved in developing and implementing taxi payment systems.  From our interaction with various competitors in the industry, we discovered the need for a new approach to cab services and 3 years later, we are boasting 15,000 happy customers in Sydney.

That is only part of the story. We employ the best drivers in the country and based on thorough background screening, we can confidently guarantee our clients of safety and confidence in their drivers. Our drivers are courteous and professional and will always be on time and at hand to assist with your luggage.

We have also made booking your taxi quick and easy.  Simply make a phone booking or use our Myride® taxi app which enables you to decide on the type of car you want and get an instant quotation. We want to enhance the experience of using our taxi app service- enjoy no booking fees, no surge pricing and feel free to suggest what you feel your journey fare should be. Our bank-approved electronic funds transfer point of sale (eftpos) machine is also optimized to make it easier to pay for your ride.

At GM Cabs we are integrating technology in all our transactions. For instance it is possible for you to book a cab online. This saves you the hassle of calling and often being put in a queue. If you are questioning your cab fare, you can query the charge either using our web page or the taxi app. In case of lost property, you could visit our online platform or alternatively make a call to GM Cabs agents who are always ready to answer any queries.

Whether you are a qualified driver aspiring to drive our cabs or you are a client looking for a quality taxi service, our blog will provide you with the information you need.

You don’t have to tolerate or settle for uncomfortable or unpleasant cab rides anymore. Why settle when you can choose a pleasant and safe experience. Keep reading our blogs for the latest updates.