Who doesn’t like a bit of crumpet?

Who doesn’t like a bit of crumpet?

Who doesn’t like a bit of crumpet?

London Rides was created to bring the experience of the age old London cab to Australia. They have the exclusive right to import the London cabs, and are looking to provide another level of service not yet available in Australia.

These purpose built taxis not only give the passenger and driver more security, but they can carry 5 passengers, and have far more room for luggage than a regular passenger vehicle such as a Falcon or Camry. They are also easily wheelchair accessible.

Even more exciting is the fact that GM Cabs have partnered with London Rides to manage and operate the taxis to ensure the network is made available and that a high level of service and quality is sustained.

Drivers can get involved in this unique offering by leasing a London taxi from the joint GM/London Rides weekly, or per shift, either day or night, and if they really love the idea they can sign yearly contracts to secure one of these unique cars.

Taxi operators can get involved by bringing their taxi plates to the network and will be able to lease a London Rides taxi at a discounted price.

These luxury vehicles expand the offering of Rydo and will only be available to book via the Rydo app or by calling 131 001.

With 40 London cabs on the road by the end of March, GM Cabs, Rydo and London Rides are looking to shake up the taxi industry and create a great experience for drivers and passengers.

Come join us!